Achieving Equality Through Innovation

UW SWE Hacks is the annual all day (10-hour) collegiate hackathon hosted at the University of Washington, Seattle by the Society of Women in Engineering UW Chapter! We strive to achieve equality through innovation. This year is our 2nd annual hackathon! No experience required, come join us for a day full of fun, food, and prizes :)


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  • Participants: Individuals currently enrolled at The University of Washington.


  • Please include the following information in the description for your submission:
    • The inspiration for your submission
    • What your submission does
    • How you built it
    • Challenges you ran into, and how you overcame them
    • Accomplishments you're proud of
    • What's next for your product and what did you learn?

How to enter

  • The event will be hosted at the UW Intellectual House. Registration is now closed.


Lauren Bricker

Lauren Bricker
Lecturer, Paul G. Allen School for Computer Science & Engineering at UW

Irini Spyridakis

Irini Spyridakis
Lecturer, Human Centered Design & Engineering at UW

Justin Hsia

Justin Hsia
Lecturer, Paul G. Allen School for Computer Science & Engineering at UW

Tyler Fox

Tyler Fox
Lecturer, Human Centered Design & Engineering at UW

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity/Innovation
    Did the team develop an original, new, and unique implementation in solving the desired problem? Did they push the boundary on what has done before and experiment with different processes/methods?
  • Purpose
    Did the group produce a solution which clearly answers the prompt? Is the team's solution thoroughly thought out? Is the team's solution realistically capable of being able to be used in real life - i.e. does it have a market it appeals too?
  • Implementation
    Did the team utilize a variety of skills/methods within the project which are technically impressive? Did the group produce a minimum viable product which is testable?
  • Design
    Did the team put thought into the user experience? Is the project simple to use and understand from a non-technical standpoint?
  • Bonus
    Did the team go above and beyond?